The St. Charles Chill will host an application process for organizations wishing to work Chuck-A-Puck during the 2013-14 season.

Non-profit organizations wishing to participate in Chuck-A-Puck at a future game must submit this application.

***Must be a non-profit organization***


What is Chuck-A-Puck?

Chuck-A-Puck is a fun and unique contest at the start of the second intermission during Chill hockey games. Fans who have purchased a numbered foam puck will throw their puck towards a can, banners, or other indicated targets in the center of the ice. The pucks that go in the can win a cash prize that grows in value each night.


Criteria for Chuck-A-Puck Sellers:

  • All groups will be chosen from submitted applications
  • Must be a non-profit organization
  • Minimum of six (6) fully engaged workers at all time, maximum of 10
  • Six members of the group must be age 18 or older
  • Group must report to the Family Arena box office two (2) hours prior to game
  • Adhere to the guidelines set forth in the Frequently Asked Questions provided to group upon scheduling


Chuck-A-Puck Frequently Asked Questions:

When Should our Group Arrive?
Please have your group at the Family Arena and ready to set up 2.5 hours prior to game time to ensure everyone will be ready to go when the gates open. Assemble your group at the main entrance next to the box office, located on the south side of the building near gates 1 and 2. Once your group is all together a Chill representative will escort you through the arena to your table and give the directions/rules for this entertaining contest.

What is Chuck – A – Puck?
Chuck A Puck is a fun and unique contest at the start of the second intermission during Chill home games. Fans who have purchased a numbered foam puck will throw their puck towards a can, banners, or other indicated targets on the center of the ice. The pucks that go in the can split a cash prize that grows in value each night.

What is the order of the game?
Hockey has three twenty (20) minute periods and two eighteen (18) minute intermissions. The doors open one hour prior to game time. They will play the first period then have the first intermission. Then play the second period followed by the second intermission. Chuck-A-Puck begins at the start of the second intermission. Towards the end of the second period with four to five minutes remaining on the score board, all of your roamers should return to the Chuck-A-Puck table and turn in their cash; you should then close down your table. A Chill representative will then take the designated member of your group to the green room to find out how much your group raised. The rest of the group will be able to be seated in their assigned seats to watch the final period of the game. Please see an usher if a fan is in the seat matching your ticket.

Does it have to go in the can to win a prize?
No, the puck does not have to go in the can to win a prize. We have corporate sponsors that place banners on the ice and they give away prizes for the pucks closest to the bull’s eye on their respective banner. Prizes will vary on a game by game basis and you will be informed of the prizes the night of the game.

What does it cost for a puck?
We sell pucks for $2.00 each or 3 pucks for $5.00. Most of our fans buy them in groups of three and many fans purchase $10 or $20 worth.

How much can we expect to make?
The more energy and excitement your group has the more money your group will make. Crazy hats or silly outfits are encouraged to draw even more attention from the fans. $300 per game is average to make on a Chuck-A-Puck night, but groups have made double that amount by being LOUD and PROUD.

Where can we sell the pucks?
Your group will be stationed at our official Chuck-A-Puck Table on the concourse. Two groups of roamers can carry pucks and cash with them along with a partner and can roam the stands.

Can we go upstairs?
Yes. We encourage roamers to go wherever the fans are, but please limit the amount of time they spend in this area. It is best to focus your selling efforts near the concession stands and the downstairs concourse. Please do not enter the suites when doors are closed.

Can anyone come and get pucks at no charge?
No, you will always be notified by your Chill representative when someone is expected to get pucks for free.

Are we allowed to distribute material while we are in the arena?
Yes. Feel free to tell fans about your organization and upcoming events.

Can we collect donations for our group?
No. The Chill will donate 25% of the nights Chuck-A-Puck proceeds to your group. Therefore, we ask that you do not ask our fans for additional money; this includes setting out a donation can.

What are the restrictions on the group we bring?
The maximum amount of people a group can bring to work Chuck-A-Puck is ten people. There must be a minimum of six people working at all times. We would prefer everyone in your group be eighteen and over. If you have children under the age of 18, they will not be allowed to handle cash. If your group chooses to only have six of the ten people work, the remaining four tickets can be given to family or friends.

Are there any physical requirements?
The arena is a concrete floor and most of the group will be asked to be standing or walking for the better part of three hours. We recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes. Depending on how many members are in your group (6-10) there are normally three individuals that are seated at the table during the game. These people will handle the cash and number the tickets for the contest. If someone in your group cannot stand, they should hold a position at the table. Also, if the roaming members are growing tired, please feel free to trade out with those seated at the table.

What if we need to eat at the game?
Rotate with group members so you do not eat at the table. The slowest time for the contest is near the end of the first period. Please do not eat during 1st intermission, this is generally a very busy time at the Chuck-A-Puck table.

How is cash handled?
You are given a starting bank that you will count and confirm before the doors open. Your cash will be monitored by a Chill representative and put in a lock bag when it reaches large amounts. The proceeds of the contest will be counted out in front of you in the team offices when the contest concludes.

What else do we need to know?
• Roaming teams need to stay together. One person is responsible for cash and the other for pucks. Do not return your cash person to the table for cash or your puck person to the table for more pucks without their partner.
• Use only the supplies provided to you by the contest in the way they are explained to you.
• Do not carry pucks in anything other than what you are instructed and provided.
• Rules we have for the contest are for the safety of all fans, to make the most profit, and to move the most efficiently.



Do I have to throw my puck?
The purpose of the pucks is to throw them on the ice for a chance to win a prize and we re-use the pucks each game. We would like for fans to throw their puck. If they do not throw it we will not know and we have no recourse against them walking out with it.

Are there foam pucks sold at the team store?
No, we have them for Chuck-A-Puck only. Real hockey pucks are sold in the team store.

Does it have to go in the can to win?
It has to go in the can to win the money, but not to win a sponsor prize. See previous discussion.

Is the prize in cash?
No, we will escort the winning fan from guest services to a designated room where a Chill representative will write a check and have the winning fan fill out the necessary paperwork (if needed). They will get the check that night, but the contest is not paid out in cash bills for security reasons.

Download the Chuck-A-Puck FAQ's 

(includes signature page and payment remittance information for your group)

Download the Chuck-A-Puck Application

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